Strasburg Paintball Field 
Winchester Laser Tag


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One of the reasons Skyline Paintball has been so popular over the years is the wide selection and variety of fields.  We have lots of fields to play on.  You are not limited to one or two boring rectangular fields, as a matter of fact you may not be on the turf field all day.  You will, however, play in the Town, Rocket, Castle, Mars Attacks, Monolith, Hyperball, Depot, Tunnel, Frontier Fort and more.  All the fields are different, fun and will challenge you.  Come play them all and pick your favorite.

Field Information 

Skyline Fields are Open Year-Round
Saturday and Sunday 10 am till 5pm 

Skyline Paintball offers our recreational players a diverse variety of paintball fields. Each field is completely unique and challenging. Players will play on a variety of fields throughout the day here at Skyline. Groups are not limited to just one field but will rotate on different fields through the day. Fields are continually being modified and altered to keep the playing experience fresh and new.

Skylines fields include the Town Field, Rocket Field, Mars Attacks, Hyperball Field, Road Field, Monolith Field, Castle Field, Barrel Field, Tunnel Field, Frontier Fort Field and more.  Check our FACEBOOK page for lots of pictures on the variety of fields here at Skyline.