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WHAT TO WEAR & BRING TO the paintball field 

SKYLINE PAINTBALL would like to welcome all new players and groups.  If you have never played paintball before, this is the place to start.  We have hosted thousands of players of all ages and experience levels and are always happy to introduce new players to this sport. 


WHAT TO WEAR:  The best thing to do is wear comfortable clothes like sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, cleats or hiking shoes.  You will be in the woods and doing a lot of walking and running through brush and trees.  We recommend you layer up for the weather.  You can also wear gloves, hats and scarves to protect exposed areas.  You are welcome to bring a change of clothes for the end of the day if you are worried about being dirty or muddy and getting into the car.  The paint from the paintballs washes out.  


WHAT TO BRING:  DO NOT bring your own paint.  You must purchase all your paint here at Skyline Paintball.  We have very competitively priced paint at the field.  Bring paper towels and water for clean up.  You are welcome to bring food and drinks, no alcoholic beverages allowed!!!  We do have vending machines with snacks, water, gatorade, etc.  Generally we have hot dogs available as well. Skyline Paintball is a FIELD PAINT ONLY facility.    Sunscreen & Bug Spray are a good idea as well.


PLAYER TIP:  During the exertion of playing paintball and more commonly during the warmer weather periods, wearing paintball goggles can cause a skin reaction in some players.  This can happen with ANY brand of goggle system.  It is important to note that any lotions, creams, bug sprays, makeup, sun block, soap, shampoo or other product applied to your skin can react with the contact of the goggle foam.  While wearing goggles the mask should fit snug to your face but not so tight as to press too hard into your skin.  Skyline Paintball has a very specific goggle cleaning procedure in place to ensure the goggles are all clean and disinfected after EVERY USE.  It is also important that you do not share or exchange goggles with other players, use only the goggles you are issued or bring with you.  We have new goggle specials if you would like to purchase your own goggles here at the field.  If you play on a regular basis it is recommended to have your own goggles. 

If you don't feel you can follow the rules or behave please don't bother to come out. 



Skyline Paintball is a Field Paint Only Facility



All players must complete a waiver with each visit to Skyline.  Under 18 will need a parent or guardian signature.  You cannot play without a parent signature.  The waiver can be downloaded from the website and printed and signed before you come to the field. 


All Markers must have a Barrel Sleeve.  If you forget your barrel cover you will be required to purchase a new one.  Barrel Covers are Required. 


All Markers must shoot 280 fps or less.  Semi Mode Only - No Full Auto or Burst Modes allowed for walk on play. 


FIELD PAINT ONLY. DO NOT BRING paint purchased anywhere other than Skyline Paintball.  


All players are required to use certified paintball goggles.  Goggles are the single most important piece of equipment you will use.  They can be purchased or rented at the field. 


Rental Players - you are responsible for your rental equipment while here at the field.  A referee or staff person will be available at all times to help you with your equipment.  Please do not remove tanks, parts or loaders from your rental equipment.  You are ultimately responsible for your own rental gear. 


No Smoking in any area of play - please limit your smoking to the parking area and be respectful of those around you. 


Please pick up your trash and clean up after yourself and group. 


No Shooting anywhere but in the target area (Goggles on) or during a game on the field.  No shooting of wildlife, rocks, cars, portable toilets, etc. will be tolerated. 


No Alcohol or Drugs at any time. 


No Shooting the Refs. 


No Physical contact with employees or other customers. 


No Climbing trees or moving bunkers. 


No Overshooting. 


No Wiping off Hits - That is called CHEATING!! 


No Foul Language - Please be respectful of others around you and watch your language!! 


No Red Fill Paint. 


You are expected to follow the rules and show sportsmanship at all times.


If you have a question, a problem or need anything, please let us know, we are awesome at Skyline, but we can't read minds yet.

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